Open Source & Marketing

Dear Readers,

Sometimes, « to much is too much », and in the Open Source Bi area – at least in my opinion – , some commercial announcements go far beyond limits.

All those posts are real … bad news … I selected one for each of the 3 BI « platforms » (always open for JasperSoft … is it a reporting solution only ?)

Pentaho & License cost Saving

Pentaho to announce their customers saved 2 billions in licenses

Well … what an announcement … no validation or sourcing on any figures, could be 4 or 5 billions … By the way, I didn’t know a 10 seats commercial license was so expensive !

JasperSoft as WorldWide leader of Bi

Jaspersoft to announce they are the worldwide Bi leader

Wow ! What’s next : Mars or Pluton … but they are right on one subject, not being sure where they’re standing on the Open Source Market, it sure is fun to claim to be leader of commercial BI

Vanilla & Gartner Marketing

Gartner to announce they won’t take in charge the marketing promotion for Vanilla

Amazing how this man doesn’t accept how direct French people are with their commercial proposal, especially since we all know what « analyst » means in some business. You are right Mr Bitterer … I’m not waiting any marketing promotion from you … just an analyst review on the Open Source Bi market … is it not your job ?

Note : some month after this post, Gartner did contact me to offer a cross-business meeting …

If you have this kind of public post under the hood, don’t hesitate to share it with us, I’m certain we can have a quickly expanding « funny announcements », the ones that give a positive light on the Open Source BI, and give a few laughs/bullets to commercial vendors.

Have Fun !



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