Vanilla v3 – Final Countdown

Dear Readers,

We just started the final countdown for Vanilla version 3. 10 days to clean the packaging and complete the documentation, and we are still ahead of the initial schedule.

In the next coming post, I will focus on Vanilla Enterprise version, and what values customers are getting from this version. But something is clear with Vanilla version 3 : it’s 100% Open Source, no licences to reduce features that raise behind the hood, … so, we keep naming it “Open Source”, as opposed to other bundle or framework that name their demo-limited version “comunity” … simply because it’s not 100% Open Source.

I still have internal conflicts with looking at the other proposal, because on one side, I dont care about the other, but on the other side, naming a limited-demo-unsecured reporting solution “most worlwide used Bi Platform” is all but the truth !

When it comes with dealing with government, beeing 100% Open Source is not only a must : it’s mandatory. Situation is clearly different with large companies : their primary objective is to reduce the user licence cost. Coming to version 3 with Vanilla, we have sized a platform that clearly answer requests of those 2 kind of customers, and we already got rewards for this … just wait some weeksto get more details on those new large  Vanilla v3 customers …

Have Fun !



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