Vanilla 3.0 rc1 available for download

Dear Readers,

We finally release Vanilla 3.0 rc1 … on time ! Well, “on time” was not a real subject, but it’s a sign that development is under control. Version 3.0 comes with a lot of good news, turning Vanilla from a standard Business Intelligence platform into a data management platform, as we have added to standard Bi services additional services such as Etl, workflow and data Management.

Other good news are coming from new adopters of Vanilla. We just finished 1st in a long contest that included the major Open Source Bi Platform (… real Open Source … so,  yes, some platforms have been disqualified after the first round). It’s too early to talk about this new customer, but I know some “analysts” who will regret some of their recent “study” … always interesting to see how customer & analysts studies can be differents !

To come back on Vanilla v3, you can download it from our Web site : … it comes along with some documentation (Pdf and video) … we really like the set of videos, it’s really easy to look at and stand as a good presentation for some Vanilla features

Last but not least, there is now a French Vanilla user group, that you can join at … this is coming from Vanilla French User Community, my company, in charge of development and support of Vanilla, has nothing to do with this group, except hearing for their requests & trying to enhance Vanilla platform based on collaboration with this group. Founder : just accept again my recognation & my best wishing for this group animation … I hope we will meet with the group founder & leader at the official Vanilla launch, 29th of september 2010

Have Fun !



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