Vanilla v3 (post 10 on 10) – Documentation, Respect of customers

Dear Readers,

Before leaving for a 3 weeks travel to meet customers and partners, going through Sydney to speak at Osspac, I close my set of summer posts with only good news : Vanilla version 3.0 rc1 is available on time, and official release is still forecasted september 29th.

I will soon post some words about why “Vanilla version 3”, nobody is blind or death to what happen in Open Source Data Management “market” (Ecm, Etl, Bi, Bpm) : lot’s of vaporware & announcement, for only limited deployment in production.

With version 2, we meet our first “thousand users” customers and our first governmental deployments. With version 3, we target more, because we keep our promises : we did version 3 for our customers and prospects, which is the most important for us.

For those who want to know what are the new features of version 3, just browse this Pdf document

To help people discover Vanilla, we provide now a set of videos, just have a look at what is available, there are material for both, beginners and advanced Vanilla developers, vanilla v3 videos

All those resources will be soon available for download …

Have Fun !



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