Open Source & Marketing

Dear Readers,

Sometimes, « to much is too much », and in the Open Source Bi area – at least in my opinion – , some commercial announcements go far beyond limits.

All those posts are real … bad news … I selected one for each of the 3 BI « platforms » (always open for JasperSoft … is it a reporting solution only ?)

Pentaho & License cost Saving

Pentaho to announce their customers saved 2 billions in licenses

Well … what an announcement … no validation or sourcing on any figures, could be 4 or 5 billions … By the way, I didn’t know a 10 seats commercial license was so expensive !

JasperSoft as WorldWide leader of Bi

Jaspersoft to announce they are the worldwide Bi leader

Wow ! What’s next : Mars or Pluton … but they are right on one subject, not being sure where they’re standing on the Open Source Market, it sure is fun to claim to be leader of commercial BI

Vanilla & Gartner Marketing

Gartner to announce they won’t take in charge the marketing promotion for Vanilla

Amazing how this man doesn’t accept how direct French people are with their commercial proposal, especially since we all know what « analyst » means in some business. You are right Mr Bitterer … I’m not waiting any marketing promotion from you … just an analyst review on the Open Source Bi market … is it not your job ?

Note : some month after this post, Gartner did contact me to offer a cross-business meeting …

If you have this kind of public post under the hood, don’t hesitate to share it with us, I’m certain we can have a quickly expanding « funny announcements », the ones that give a positive light on the Open Source BI, and give a few laughs/bullets to commercial vendors.

Have Fun !


Vanilla v3 – Final Countdown

Dear Readers,

We just started the final countdown for Vanilla version 3. 10 days to clean the packaging and complete the documentation, and we are still ahead of the initial schedule.

In the next coming post, I will focus on Vanilla Enterprise version, and what values customers are getting from this version. But something is clear with Vanilla version 3 : it’s 100% Open Source, no licences to reduce features that raise behind the hood, … so, we keep naming it “Open Source”, as opposed to other bundle or framework that name their demo-limited version “comunity” … simply because it’s not 100% Open Source.

I still have internal conflicts with looking at the other proposal, because on one side, I dont care about the other, but on the other side, naming a limited-demo-unsecured reporting solution “most worlwide used Bi Platform” is all but the truth !

When it comes with dealing with government, beeing 100% Open Source is not only a must : it’s mandatory. Situation is clearly different with large companies : their primary objective is to reduce the user licence cost. Coming to version 3 with Vanilla, we have sized a platform that clearly answer requests of those 2 kind of customers, and we already got rewards for this … just wait some weeksto get more details on those new large  Vanilla v3 customers …

Have Fun !


Osspac 2010

Dear Readers,

Just a simple post to announce I’ll be speaking at Australian Open Source Conference in Sydney, this coming monday 13th of september. Details for the conference can be found at:

My subject is – like in Kuala Lumpur, but with a different format – Open Source Bi & Bpm platforms in the cloud.

I already had the chance to meet Arnaud Blandin (Intalio) yesterday in Sydney (Sydney Opera is a nice place to meet !), because Intalio is also speaking on monday (Jetty) and Tuesday (Intalio)

Now that Vanilla 3 is available, I will be abble to show some of the key features of the “Cloud ready” platform,
Waiting to meeting you there !
Have Fun !

Vanilla 3.0 rc1 available for download

Dear Readers,

We finally release Vanilla 3.0 rc1 … on time ! Well, “on time” was not a real subject, but it’s a sign that development is under control. Version 3.0 comes with a lot of good news, turning Vanilla from a standard Business Intelligence platform into a data management platform, as we have added to standard Bi services additional services such as Etl, workflow and data Management.

Other good news are coming from new adopters of Vanilla. We just finished 1st in a long contest that included the major Open Source Bi Platform (… real Open Source … so,  yes, some platforms have been disqualified after the first round). It’s too early to talk about this new customer, but I know some “analysts” who will regret some of their recent “study” … always interesting to see how customer & analysts studies can be differents !

To come back on Vanilla v3, you can download it from our Web site : … it comes along with some documentation (Pdf and video) … we really like the set of videos, it’s really easy to look at and stand as a good presentation for some Vanilla features

Last but not least, there is now a French Vanilla user group, that you can join at … this is coming from Vanilla French User Community, my company, in charge of development and support of Vanilla, has nothing to do with this group, except hearing for their requests & trying to enhance Vanilla platform based on collaboration with this group. Founder : just accept again my recognation & my best wishing for this group animation … I hope we will meet with the group founder & leader at the official Vanilla launch, 29th of september 2010

Have Fun !


Vanilla v3 (post 10 on 10) – Documentation, Respect of customers

Dear Readers,

Before leaving for a 3 weeks travel to meet customers and partners, going through Sydney to speak at Osspac, I close my set of summer posts with only good news : Vanilla version 3.0 rc1 is available on time, and official release is still forecasted september 29th.

I will soon post some words about why “Vanilla version 3”, nobody is blind or death to what happen in Open Source Data Management “market” (Ecm, Etl, Bi, Bpm) : lot’s of vaporware & announcement, for only limited deployment in production.

With version 2, we meet our first “thousand users” customers and our first governmental deployments. With version 3, we target more, because we keep our promises : we did version 3 for our customers and prospects, which is the most important for us.

For those who want to know what are the new features of version 3, just browse this Pdf document

To help people discover Vanilla, we provide now a set of videos, just have a look at what is available, there are material for both, beginners and advanced Vanilla developers, vanilla v3 videos

All those resources will be soon available for download …

Have Fun !