Vanilla v3 (post 9 on 10) – Compliance to Open Standard

Dear Readers,

Important subject in Open Source area is to be ‘standard compliant’. Bellow is a remember of notions and features we have introduced with Vanilla v2 and enhanced with upcoming Vanilla v3 :jdbc driver, oda drivers and remote call to bi document

Jdbc driver for FreeMetadata, to open FreeMetadata document to any report designer or etl engine that support jdbc databasource.

Note : for Birt report designer, no need to use jdbc driver, but instead, you can use the FreeMetadata plugin. Same situation for BiGateWay Etl : there is a native interface available in BiGateway to manipulate FreeMetadata document (but this support can be usefull for other Etl to access to a FreeMetadata “database alike” structure)

FreeMetadata Jdbc definition in Enterprise Services

Jdbc definition in designer (bellow, our BiGateway Etl)

FreeMetadata – through jdbc request definition – Data visualisation

Oda drivers integration to facilitate data access and hide the complexity of internal storage architecture, and also provide an Eclipse way (like jdbc) to access to many Vanilla resources using oda. We provide different kind of drivers, to access FreeMetadata document, Googole document (spreadsheet or table), inline table or FreeMetrics Kpi database. Bellow is an exemple with a FreeMetrics Kpi Oda driver

Oda drivers list

Kpi data visualisation using FreeDashboard

Oda driver and different kpi views

Result in Vanilla portal

Note : Posting wrong information is a shame – in reference to what I recently saw about a new oda driver to access another Open Source Metadata. All is hard coded in the interface, and they are not abble to publish to the portal … so, what is the use ? What is the credibility of those kind of posts and the credibility of the blog writer ? Using Vanilla, all is smoothly integrated !

External remote call to Vanilla object and Web Services

You can easilly publish any Report or Dashboard document as “public”, using a specific profile (group) for data access. Once publish using Enterprise Services, you can manipulate a Url and embed this Url in any portal. If you have java skills, you can do the same calling our document using a set of Web Services

Url and profile (group) definition using Enteprise Services

Result for copy/paste of Url in a browser

Just have a look at what those features can provide :

– an easy way to use FreeMetadata as a secured central – multi type – database (like RedHat Teiid … but with more designer & security features available)

– easy access to any Vanilla structure using oda drivers, in addition to providing access to others database (Google)

– easy way to embed any Vanilla Bi document in already deployed Web interface (such as Portal, Cms, …)

Have Fun !


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