Vanilla v3 (post 8 on 10) – Bi document Integration using FreeDashboard

Dear Readers,

It’s always funny to see how some “said platforms” have integrated modules. In commercial software, and even more with some Open source platforms,you may have to deal with 2 or more authentification database, variables database, scheduler or workflow engine. And you need to be happy if the interfaces have same Look & Feel (which is so important when you work all day with the different packages)

Using Vanilla is a guaranty developer & admin will safe time by managing a unique database of reference, and having all the component available when designing a Bi document. For example, BiWorkflow and BiGateway leverage all the others Vanilla documents : reports, dashboard, cubes & kpi database. And all Vanilla Development packages have the same Look & Feel (Birt alike), and are using the same set of components (for example : Oda drivers)

Vanilla Oda Drivers available in Designers

For visual document integration, we provide FreeDashboard with a new set of features that allow Bi developer to easily and visualy integrate Report, Reports on Cube, standard reports, Kpi and Maps, all documents beeing manage by FreeDashBoard filters. In the example bellow (Performance Dashboard), we apply a filter on country, I provide you with pairs of screenshot : what you see when using FreeDashboard and what you get in the Vanilla portal. No lines of codes, visual package to manage deployment between servers … we make it so easy !

Olap & Kpi using FreeDashboard

Olap & Kpi in Vanilla portal

Maps using FreeDashboard

Maps in Vanilla portal

Report using FreeDashboard

Report in Vanilla portal

As you can see : no javascript framework to develop Dashboard … we are now in 2010, it’s time for visual development (!!!) and out-of-the-box Bpi Platform

Again & again, all those documents are developped using FreeMetadata secured documents, that ensure every user will have access to his own set of filtered datas, using a central Metadata document to set security rules …

Have Fun !


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