Vanilla v3 (post 7 on 10) – FreeWebReport

Dear Readers,

With Vanilla v3, we provide power users with an enhanced version of FreeWebReport, that support – in short – muti datasource (Metadata document), multi data set (dataset beeing link or not, based on context),  a new set of layout (that is close from what is available in FreeDashboard) and additional graph & calculation formula.

With those new features, FreeWebReport leverage the Birt engine & Birt Xml definition used to produce the report (Birt is also based on a multi datasource/dataset, and FwReport set of functions is Birt alike). In addition, every report created by FreeWebReport can be open by a Birt java studio (for additional layout arrangement, such as pixel perfect column definition)

My personal opinion is that the last thing missing to FreeWebReport is a real Wysiwyg Web interface that could be provided in parallel to the easy-to-use Wizard, along with support of additional type of graphs … that’s why we will continue to provide new release of the module …

New layout management : basic report definition

Multimetadata support for datasources

Join Dataset Definition in FreeWebReport

Graph Definition

Calculated column : Formula Definition

Result in Vanilla portal

Your comments are welcome !

Have Fun !



2 Responses

  1. ok, ok, ok, drool, drool, when will the beta or early release be available. really can’t wait till the end of september.
    btw which version of Birt will be supported and how does Vanilla disconnected compare to the disconnected feature of Cognos. will i be able to deploy the stack on linux without jumping through a hoop.

  2. Hi,
    A beta version will be soon available within 2 or 3 weeks.
    I have no idea what Cognos provides as disconnected features, so I can’t tell you how we compare,

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