Vanilla v3 (post 5 on 10) – PatchWork of crazy features

Dear Readers,

Getting to the 5th of my summer post about Vanilla v3, I would like to make this post easy to read, with simple images showing some crazy features of Vanilla v3 Designers. Just think how those features can be usefull if you had it in your commercial (open source or not) bi platform …

FreeAnalysis v3- Last function

When dealing with stock management or last sales records, we provide a built-in function in FreeAnalysis Schema Designer to indicate that measure is semi-additive / non cumulative. You have to indicate the dimension that manage “time” for this measure


Result in FreeAnalysis Web – no not to pay for a usable Web Olap interface, FreeAnalysis Web has all you need to play with your cubes :


FreeDashboard v3  – Performance Dashboard

Using our FreeDashboard Designer, it’s so easy to built a multi-tabulation Performance Dashboard with a common filter interface and each tabulation using those filter’s values. This dual secured panel Dashboard (based on FreeMetadata document) is 5 minutes development using a wysiwyg Studio … just forget about javascript framework and enjoy developing & maintaining your Dashboards !

Panel 1- order by country


Panel 2- order by year

BiGateWay v3 – Kml datasource, Dimension aware filter

Wow ! … it’s now so easy to manipulate Kml document (Input and output) to create on fly kml datafiles for GoogleMap visual representation.

BiGateWay is now abble to use Olap cubes & Olap dimension as data entry, and apply filter on your datastream using any kind of dimension/hierarchy/level data validation, with built-in manegement of records that don’t match the filter criterias


International Character set support

Something available by default in Vanilla is international character support, such as Chineese or Arabic characters. Always good to remind you with this feature, because … well … just test your own Bi Platform, you may be surprised !

Chineese Dashboard

I hope you like this selection of features …

Have Fun !


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