Vanilla v3 (post 4 on 10) – Vanilla Apps

Dear Readers,

Along with the launch of Vanilla v3, we are launching a complementary line of products, under the umbrella “Vanilla Apps”


Vanilla Apps

Vanilla Apps


Vanilla Apps are running on top of Vanilla Platform, either using some Vanilla Core component or drivers, or beeing abble to publish their result into a Vanilla repository.
Vanilla Apps are promoted and reselled independantly of Vanilla Core Bi components, and represent a good way for editors to use Vanilla like a set of background services

First set of Vanilla Apps products are :
– Vanilla Reader : a simple GSpreadSheet / GTable reader, that you can use to work on your Google Spreadsheet or tables in disconnected mode, that leverage our GSpreadsheet and GTable oda drivers. Any Vanilla reader definition can be automatically turned into a BiGateWay transformation, for example to automate GSpreadsheet data replication into a database.


Vanilla Reader

Vanilla Reader


– Vanilla Disco : a complete Vanilla Olap/Dashboard/Report viewer to manipulate Vanilla Bi documents in disconnected mode (ie : without beeing connected to a Vanilla server). Advanced functions such as delta load of cube datas are provided by default


Vanilla Disco Olap Interface

Vanilla Disco Olap Interface


– Vanilla Migration Toolkit : an out-of-the-box product to automate BO’s universe or Cognos catalog migration into Vanilla FreeMetadata document

– Vanilla for Jda/Mms : a ready to run package to leverage Jda/Mms database


Vanilla for Jda Mms - Chineese Olap View

Vanilla for Jda Mms - Chineese Olap View


Vanilla Apps are more than simple PlugIn : they can work outside of Vanilla Platform. Some of those Vanilla Apps will be available for free (such as VanillaReader) as opposed to others (such as VanillaDisconnected) that will be available for supported customers only,

… more Vanilla Apps to come in 2010 … while some projects have invested in sales executive, we are following our own way to offer more realiable features and products to comunity and customers …

Have Fun !

2 Responses

  1. Great great.
    Migration toolkit and swap between two ldap !!!
    I have wrote on my hub on Viadeo that Vanilla is the more creative BI suite on 2010.
    Please, quick !!! I’d like to launch Vanilla v3

  2. Thanks Sébastien, we just hope what we provide to comunity will give satisfaction to System Integrators and customers …

    I just got today the first bundle preview of v3, with server and most of the designers. Sound good, we have more than 40 days to test the packages & update the documentation before the first official preview beginning of september.


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