Vanilla v3 (post 3 on 10) – FreeDashBoard v3

Dear Readers,

FreeDashboard is the only “metadata secured” Open Source Dashboard platform, and version 3 provides now 2 new big features :
– forms management : you can use FreeDasboard to design wysiwyg forms that you deploy from portal or within workflow. Forms are usefull to manage user input (data for dynamic Etl process) or for process validation.
FreeDashboard/Forms provides also an easy method to manage row dataset. No need to use an external Form Designer like before, which means you can use Vanilla resources (such as Metadata secured prompts) to create your Forms.

Fdv3 Forms

Fdv3 Forms

– performance dashboard : multi tabulation Dashboard layout, to provide developer with an easy way to build interactive performance Dashboard.

We have also added new components, such as timer (to setup an auto-refresh feature on Dashboard, very usefull for “live Dashboard”)
and enhance/facilitate the way to embed Reports (FwReport, Birt & IReport), FreeMetrics/Kpi or FreeAnalysis Olap view in Dashboards (Dashboard remains the “interactive glue” with all the others Bi document published on a Vanilla portal)

Fdv3 Forms with Kpi

Fdv3 Forms with Kpi

Have Fun !


4 Responses

  1. Will the beta version of v3 be available earlier than september?
    And I assume can only be downloaded from and not

  2. Hi Mario,
    Vanilla v3 GA will be available september 29th. We will make a preview available beginning of september,
    If you want additional informations, just send me a mail,

  3. Hi Patrick,

    I am bit confused by looking this as “Open Source”.

    Can i use your products-Vanilla Charts(fusion charts ) and free Dashboard designer in commercial application without purchasing commercial License.

    Or I have to purchase a commercial License for it.


  4. Hi,
    Dont be confused … just stop using a fake email address

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