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Dear Readers,

What a tremendeous new feature in Vanilla v3 : we now provide users with a complete document management platform, based on standard Lucene search engine and Vanilla Architecture

Vanilla Ecm itself could compete with other standalone Ecm platform, but as for our BiGateWay Etl component, we’d rather promote Vanilla as the “all in One” Bpi Platform.

Vanilla Ecm provides users with global document management features (multi classification / version management / powerfull search engine) and is working with our report engine, to provide automatic indexation of generated reports. Thus, you have now a search interface to browse any generated document with a complex keyword sentence.

Just imagine how this can be usefull to look for reports that contains a specific product code, or all reports dealing with a specific customer.  With a simple search interface, you have an immediate access to the global list of reports (either loaded manually or generated by Vanilla engine) that complies with your search !

Vanilla Search Interface

Vanilla Search Interface

It’s definitly a feature I was expected to have for a long time. What about you ? Do you think a document management and search engine is a must in any “Bi” Platform ?

Have Fun !

2 Responses

  1. Hi Patrick,
    When you said that you can find a specific product code from oe or more reports; how it works?
    You make access on database or you scan reports saved in Pdf or Excel format ?
    Great function !

  2. Hi Sebastien,

    We are using Lucene, the same index & search engine that other Ecm are using (Alfresco for example, from what I have understood). So, Lucene is indexing the content of the document, not the database (database and other non structure / textual will be indexed in a later version of Vanilla).

    We “only” send the document to Lucene (either loaded manually by end user, or generated by Vanilla report engines seach as Birt), and provide a search & result interface for users.

    Document can be of many types : Pdf, OOffice, MsOffice, text … Apache Lucene is really powerfull …


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