Vanilla v3 (post 1 on 10) – MultiThread

Dear Readers,

First post of the Vanilla v3 serie, and subject is awesome :Vanilla v3 is now abble to run most of Bi Requests in a pool of threads. Looking around, in commercial Bi and old fashion Open Source Bi platforms, I don’t see a lot of features like this.

It’s like turning a cafeteria into a restaurant, with as many servers as your restaurant manager can offered (limitation is number of cpu and memory resources for every server), and also beeing abble to send your customers in another restaurant if you can’t add space anymore in yours.

More impressionnant : you can dedicate some process to run on an external “process server”, which can be usefull to run Etl transformation on the database server, or a set of reports on a dedicated server.

To manage Vanilla multithread properties, we provideadministrators with an easy to use interface,were you can setup properties for the first 3 servers available : report server, etl server and metadata server (I will come back later on interest of metada server). From this interface, you can setup the number of thread, location of files, …

Vanilla v3 admin console

When process are running (in batch, by groups of reports using a task manager), you can manage any running process (view detail) and follow the global consumption of your server resources. Easy to use, and so usefull !

Memory consumption

Have Fun !