Vanilla v3 countdown

Dear Reader,

Today, we are 100 days before the launch of Vanilla3, with official release Sept 2010, 29th. It will be exactly 1 year since launch of version 2 (Sept 2009, 29th) … we have done so much since initial launch of version 2 (including version 2.2 in february 2010).
100 days, it’s short time, but it’s also enough time to finalize some of the most interesting features I have ever seen in a Business Process Intelligence Platform (Multi thread support for engines, document & search management, performance dashboard, disconnected mode …)

Through this blog, I will present you those news features all over the summer session, starting next week with presentation of multi thread server side support for some Vanilla engines (Reporting, Etl, Metadata)
Just a reminder : most of the features I will show are already available (meaning : development is complete), and we take those 14 weeks to complete tests, debug, strecth the platform and write update documentation, because we are not in a hurry to delivere those new features, so we will run heavy test cycles … with Vanilla v3, just taste the difference !

In the meantime, because Vanilla is now widely deployed, we are about to delivere Version 2.2.3 (by the end of this week). This is a minor bug fix release, with some interesting new features such as a complete design of Enterprise Service Interface

Have Fun !