Mosc 2010

Dear Readers,

Just a simple post to announce I’ll be speaking at Malaysia Open Source Conference in Kl june 29th. Details for the conference can be found at :

My subject is Open Source Bi & Bpm platforms in the cloud. Interesting subject, especially if you don’t confuse Etl & BiPlatform (as some do, unfortunatly).

In the area of Open Source Bpm platforms, Intalio is the only consistent offer. Some will say “Intalio is not a real Open Source platform” … well, this is not the subject : Intalio has chosen a model that secure his customers and provide Open Source Bpm to comunity. Dispute on this subject is not accurate, customers are looking for available reliable platforms … not integration toolkit & unfinished frameworks.

In the area of Open Source Bi, as I used to write it in “Bpm Handbook 2010”, situation is simple : there is not yet a complete Open SourceBi  offer available for the cloud (except for those who confuse hosting & cloud …). I will come back soon on this subject while starting my summer set of post about Vanilla v3

For those who want to attempt the conference, just use the link to register. I will demonstrate some of the key features of new Vanilla “Cloud ready” platform.

Waiting to meeting you there !

Have Fun !



3 Responses

  1. Hi Patrick,

    When talking about Open Source BPM platforms, meaning fully functional solutions that could directly compete with proprietary vendors in terms of features, you should definitely consider Bonita Open Solution,

    BTW, I thought Bonita was the BPM software embedded in your BI platform 🙂


  2. Hi Miguel,

    Yes, we rare using Bonita as our default Bpm/Xpdl engine, and we are really happy with the engine, no doubt. It’s stable, robust, and provide good performances results.

    But for Workflow Designer and Forms Designer, which are the 2 additional major component of any standard Bpm platform, we are using BiWorlflow & FreeDashboard/Forms Designers, because it’s integrated in Vanilla platform and because your previous offer was not meeting our expectation

    Btw, I’m not certain BonitaSoft can today compete in terms of features with proprietary vendors, but I’m open to see your new offer, I may change my view of the situation,


  3. Hi Patrick,

    Sure, I’m convinced you will be seduced by the new version… more than 100.000 users and customers in 10 countires has already adopt it in last 4 months!

    best regards,

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