10 good reasons to launch Vanilla v2

Dear Reader,

Last year, after the post about the reasons to launch Vanilla v1, I got many encouragement messages, and only bad comment from Gartner … well, I understand it’s not easy every day – as a said analyst – to miss emergence of new concepts & platforms …

So … we did it last september 2009 (already 9 months ago !): we launched Vanilla v2, and bellow are some good or funny comments/reasons about this launch :

1) After version 1, usually, it’s version 2 ? … not certain it’s the same naming rule for everyone, as we can see some products starting at version2, or others jumping from 1.x to 3.x in a couple of months. Having a big number for version in a short time is not a guaranty of quality, but just a guaranty that existing customer will have to invest in expensive migration if we want to be abble to use their support. How many time did you heard : “not supported anymore, you have to migrate …” ?

2) Version 2 is really a new version, with new components, such as our BiWorkFlow Designer or out Etl/Secured Metadate driven data services, and real new features for most of the existing components. Just have a look around when your favorite editor will introduce you with its new version …

3) Vanilla is a real project, with a development & support team, with roadmap & long term objectives. Roadmap is not another marketing announcement : we meet our objectives ! Version 2 is real, you can use it & deploy your development in production

4) Vanilla is deployed on production, and most of our customers are happy with the platform, providing us with great comments & financial support through support contracts. Our renewal rate for support is a proof of the quality of relation we have with our customer & also a proof of quality of Vanilla

5) to read again the funny reaction form “marketing analyst”. So, you are right : you will never do my marketing , because I will never pay you for this. Since 2008, we all know “analyst” are not real analysts … as indicated in this blog from LeGrandBi : the only markup is the increase in the revenue …

6) because we are still in the market, with a strong, motivated & skill development team, and even if we didn’t focus on raising fund, we can claim to be profitable & generate cash flow to continue the development, without any obligation coming from Vc to market the brand before the product is available.

7) It was an occasion to organise a meeting with existing customers, to share comment & expectation for new version, to better understand the usage of Vanilla in enterprise … it’s so important to us to understand usage & expectation around a Bi platform, talaga !

8 ) Support from independant journalists & analysts is great : recent RedHerring reward, along with other journalists articles is definitly a strong message & encouragement they sent us ! Thanks again, you did a great independant job … one can say you did your job honestly !

9) Waiting for “Kris” comment … Kris : you are so silent since Vanilla get recognition. By the way Kris, still looking for a Osbi platform that meet customers expectation ?

10) to read your comment on this post … and write another 10 additional reasons when reaching Vanilla v3

Have Fun,


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