Vanilla v3 countdown

Dear Reader,

Today, we are 100 days before the launch of Vanilla3, with official release Sept 2010, 29th. It will be exactly 1 year since launch of version 2 (Sept 2009, 29th) … we have done so much since initial launch of version 2 (including version 2.2 in february 2010).
100 days, it’s short time, but it’s also enough time to finalize some of the most interesting features I have ever seen in a Business Process Intelligence Platform (Multi thread support for engines, document & search management, performance dashboard, disconnected mode …)

Through this blog, I will present you those news features all over the summer session, starting next week with presentation of multi thread server side support for some Vanilla engines (Reporting, Etl, Metadata)
Just a reminder : most of the features I will show are already available (meaning : development is complete), and we take those 14 weeks to complete tests, debug, strecth the platform and write update documentation, because we are not in a hurry to delivere those new features, so we will run heavy test cycles … with Vanilla v3, just taste the difference !

In the meantime, because Vanilla is now widely deployed, we are about to delivere Version 2.2.3 (by the end of this week). This is a minor bug fix release, with some interesting new features such as a complete design of Enterprise Service Interface

Have Fun !

Mosc 2010

Dear Readers,

Just a simple post to announce I’ll be speaking at Malaysia Open Source Conference in Kl june 29th. Details for the conference can be found at :

My subject is Open Source Bi & Bpm platforms in the cloud. Interesting subject, especially if you don’t confuse Etl & BiPlatform (as some do, unfortunatly).

In the area of Open Source Bpm platforms, Intalio is the only consistent offer. Some will say “Intalio is not a real Open Source platform” … well, this is not the subject : Intalio has chosen a model that secure his customers and provide Open Source Bpm to comunity. Dispute on this subject is not accurate, customers are looking for available reliable platforms … not integration toolkit & unfinished frameworks.

In the area of Open Source Bi, as I used to write it in “Bpm Handbook 2010”, situation is simple : there is not yet a complete Open SourceBi  offer available for the cloud (except for those who confuse hosting & cloud …). I will come back soon on this subject while starting my summer set of post about Vanilla v3

For those who want to attempt the conference, just use the link to register. I will demonstrate some of the key features of new Vanilla “Cloud ready” platform.

Waiting to meeting you there !

Have Fun !


10 good reasons to launch Vanilla v2

Dear Reader,

Last year, after the post about the reasons to launch Vanilla v1, I got many encouragement messages, and only bad comment from Gartner … well, I understand it’s not easy every day – as a said analyst – to miss emergence of new concepts & platforms …

So … we did it last september 2009 (already 9 months ago !): we launched Vanilla v2, and bellow are some good or funny comments/reasons about this launch :

1) After version 1, usually, it’s version 2 ? … not certain it’s the same naming rule for everyone, as we can see some products starting at version2, or others jumping from 1.x to 3.x in a couple of months. Having a big number for version in a short time is not a guaranty of quality, but just a guaranty that existing customer will have to invest in expensive migration if we want to be abble to use their support. How many time did you heard : “not supported anymore, you have to migrate …” ?

2) Version 2 is really a new version, with new components, such as our BiWorkFlow Designer or out Etl/Secured Metadate driven data services, and real new features for most of the existing components. Just have a look around when your favorite editor will introduce you with its new version …

3) Vanilla is a real project, with a development & support team, with roadmap & long term objectives. Roadmap is not another marketing announcement : we meet our objectives ! Version 2 is real, you can use it & deploy your development in production

4) Vanilla is deployed on production, and most of our customers are happy with the platform, providing us with great comments & financial support through support contracts. Our renewal rate for support is a proof of the quality of relation we have with our customer & also a proof of quality of Vanilla

5) to read again the funny reaction form “marketing analyst”. So, you are right : you will never do my marketing , because I will never pay you for this. Since 2008, we all know “analyst” are not real analysts … as indicated in this blog from LeGrandBi : the only markup is the increase in the revenue …

6) because we are still in the market, with a strong, motivated & skill development team, and even if we didn’t focus on raising fund, we can claim to be profitable & generate cash flow to continue the development, without any obligation coming from Vc to market the brand before the product is available.

7) It was an occasion to organise a meeting with existing customers, to share comment & expectation for new version, to better understand the usage of Vanilla in enterprise … it’s so important to us to understand usage & expectation around a Bi platform, talaga !

8 ) Support from independant journalists & analysts is great : recent RedHerring reward, along with other journalists articles is definitly a strong message & encouragement they sent us ! Thanks again, you did a great independant job … one can say you did your job honestly !

9) Waiting for “Kris” comment … Kris : you are so silent since Vanilla get recognition. By the way Kris, still looking for a Osbi platform that meet customers expectation ?

10) to read your comment on this post … and write another 10 additional reasons when reaching Vanilla v3

Have Fun,


Vanilla Wins in Final 100 RedHerring Europe

Dear Readers,

Red Herring announced its Top 100 Award in recognition of the leading private companies from Europe, celebrating these startups’ innovations and technologies across their respective industries. And Vanilla project has been elected as one of the 100 European Winners !
Red Herring’s Top 100 Europe list has become a mark of distinction for identifying promising new companies and entrepreneurs. Red Herring editors were among the first to recognize that companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Skype,, YouTube, and eBay would change the way we live and work.

Have Fun !