Fresh FreeAnalysis Web Interface

Dear Reader,

We just delivered our third major release for FreeAnalysis Web, our Web Olap interface, rewarded as one of the top 10 French Open Source Project last year by independant journalists.

It’s been a while we wanted to update the interface, as FreeAnalysis Web is a nice example of “keeping the product align with technology” over the last 3 years and half. Just a reminder :

– We release FreeAnalysis Web (based on Dojo) in march 2007 (thanks to Ronan !)

– We stopped Dojo in summer 2007 to move to GWT and delivered a revamp interface in february 2008 (thanks to Gaël !)

– Now, thanks to Marc (and Gaël), still based on GWT, we offer a major update of the Web interface (and I’m not talking about the numerous new features in the Olap Api !).

This means a lot of time & investment to have this Web interface “up to date” with latest technologies & features. I’m always surprised when I see a product “depredicated” (just have a quick look around … even in Open Source Bi …), because it means either nobody was using it, or no respect for current users !

Bellow are some screenshots for FreeAnalysis Web. Don’t be surprised : since the beginning, we separate dimensions & measures in the navigation tree (on the left side !!!!), and users can save their own view on the cube.

Last but not Least : FreeAnalysis Web is available in both versions of Vanilla : Comunity & Enterprise … no need to pay to start using it …

FreeAnalysis Web Grid

Grid contains numerous Web2.0 features, such as Drag & Drop, Undo/Redo, contextual menu, …

Grid interface

Grid interface

FreeAnalysis Web Graph

We provide a wizard to help building comple graphs representation, that leverage the dimension/measures pivot representation

FreeAnalysis Web Chart

FreeAnalysis Web Search

Search interface is a Must. It’s so usefull ! along with embeded calculator, On/Off for dynamic grid or Percent Manager, it’s the kind of feature that you can’t stop to use …

FreeAnalysis Web Search Interface

FreeAnalysis Web Report Builder

Report builder is easy to use, and provide a simple way to build interactive complexe olap reports

FreeAnalysis Web Report Builder

Have Fun !


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