Emergence of BPI

Dear Readers,

Over the past years, I heard so many things about Bpi : Business Process Intelligence, a kind of concept about merging “Business Intelligence” and “Business Process” features … but beside the concepts, where are the implementation ?

One of the biggest announcement was the Oem agrement between Intalio and Informatica 2 years ago (ok, Etl is only part of Bi … but it was promising !). Honest, I don’t know the status of this integration … I hope they bundled something interesting and usefull for developer and admin

As often in the Open Source : announcement only, buzz … close to vaporware, with only few implementation that has nothing to do with an “out of the box” offer. And don’t expect to find an “Open implementation” that provides a simple but usefull feature such as IReport & Birt support for report deployment (only Vanilla provides this support for both engine in its BiWorkflow)). What is “open” if developers are tied to a technology ?

What is the interest of a Bi application disconnected from a company Business Process ? Bi is no more monolitic, some editors now target ‘Agile Bi’, which is another way to present Bi as a way to extract data from production database and produce report on fly. Sounds great … but what about security & abstraction layer to prevent problems ?
Anyway, Bi is all about levaraging business data and making it available to users in different easy way (dashboard, report, cube, maps, kpi, alerts) and to achieve this goal, Bi as to rely on company process to ensure data availability & data quality, as long as resources availability (databasse server, ftp server, data file, mail server …).

More than developer, Bpi stands also a solution for administrators : How painfull is it for administrator to manage Bi application, to manage daily production & distribution of Bi documents and to ensure that every process went to its end …

With Vanilla, we are trying to answer those simple but crucial questions, with some interesting success by now. Vanilla BiWorkflow – which is the first Bpmn 2.0 Bi workflow Designer – provides access to Bi resources such as report, etl transformation, forms (for user data input or user validation : within Workflow, we have embed support for 3 forms editors … )

I will come back soon with interesting news about Bpm + Bi in the Open Source landscape, this is a fashion subject those days … it’s a nice element that shows Open Source Bi is now deploying at enterprise level !

Have Fun !


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