Business Process Intelligence

Dear Readers,

There is a lot of announcements (noise¬† ?) about Business Intelligence & Business Process together to build comprehensive Bi applications embeded in enterprise process. Not really certain all those announces will turn into real “out of the box” offer …

Recently, we demonstrated our BiWorkflow designer – Bpmn2.0 compliant – that allow developer to build complex workflow (automatic workflow or workflow with user validation through forms).

Simple workflow with Loop

Vanilla Workflow

BiWorkflow Designer is fully integrated in Vanilla Bi platform, ready to process any Vanilla document (report, gateway, forms) “out of the box” (meaning : no additional configuration is required to have component from different editor running together on same server).

Workflow are secured using Vanilla groups, providing visual representation of workflow based on group validation (pool visualisation)

Pool Visualisation of a secured workflow

Secured Vanilla Workflow

BiWorkflow is compliant with Bpmn2.0 standard, reducing the time required to learn how to build a workflow (if you have a previous experience with a workflow/process designer).

Using BiWorkflow, you can design complex process to manipulate files (ftp or mail server), run bigateway transformation, process report and event build new concatenated Excel or pdf files, using a visual  interface and drag & drop of components on workspace !

Business Process Intelligence is already vailable … don’t confuse announcement and product !

Have Fun !