Innovative module : FreeWebReport / Explorer

Dear Reader,

In our roadmap, there was an open feature for months : beeing abble to leverage the power of our Metadata documents with a Web reporting interface, to allow power users to browse a metadata document by drilling from objects to other details objects (passing context)

Thanks to Vanilla dev team, this feature – similar to Olap drill in FreeAnalysis – is now available in Vanilla 2.2 (using a FreeMetadata document that map a Sql database). You can find a simple video to introduce FWR/Explorer module.

Technically, exploration is based on secure metadata document (dataset security by group, dynamic column content management … ), meaning no Sql knwolegde is required. We have embed a Flash visualisation of relation between component :

Flash visualisation of Metadata document

Visual interface to see relation between objects

Views on Metadata document can be saved in Vanilla repository for later reuse, and there is a direct connexion with FWR/Report creation interface to arrange visual layout and saved a predefined report.

For basic features of FreeWebReport / Report creation, I have also published another simple video.

Have Fun !



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