Vanilla 2.2

Dear Readers,

We finally released last week Vanilla 2.2, available for download at our Web Site :

One of the grestest feature of Vanilla 2.2 is our new version of FreeDashboard, which has now an interface  “Birt alike”, always based on FreeMetadata datasource (or jdbc datasource for those who want to use Fdv2 outside of Vanilla scope).

Fdv2 has a dual mode “design” and “preview” (thanks to Intalio Jetty), no need anymore to publish Dashboard on portail to preview the result.

Last but not least, Fdv2 is “multi dimensional aware”, meaning a simple dimensions can be used to generate as many dashboard folder as there are members in the dimension, with according dataset filters … “Bi platform” means “integration between components & concepts” … not only bundling softwares …

Just take 7 minutes to discover the first  video of FreeDashboard :

Have Fun !



2 Responses

  1. Great work, man, cong.

    Can’t wait to see what’s planned for version 3.

    I have looked all around, I have even got to , but I could not find references to the license model. I did not verify if the actual downloads contains a license, if they don’t I would suggest reading this you can read it anyways, since it is a great post and check out WTFPL, funny 🙂

  2. Thanks Udi,
    the Web site U mentionned is the web site managed by Vanilla SI partners.
    Vanilla is Mpl1.1 licence, licence file are in every download,

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