Innovative module : FreeWebReport / Explorer

Dear Reader,

In our roadmap, there was an open feature for months : beeing abble to leverage the power of our Metadata documents with a Web reporting interface, to allow power users to browse a metadata document by drilling from objects to other details objects (passing context)

Thanks to Vanilla dev team, this feature – similar to Olap drill in FreeAnalysis – is now available in Vanilla 2.2 (using a FreeMetadata document that map a Sql database). You can find a simple video to introduce FWR/Explorer module.

Technically, exploration is based on secure metadata document (dataset security by group, dynamic column content management … ), meaning no Sql knwolegde is required. We have embed a Flash visualisation of relation between component :

Flash visualisation of Metadata document

Visual interface to see relation between objects

Views on Metadata document can be saved in Vanilla repository for later reuse, and there is a direct connexion with FWR/Report creation interface to arrange visual layout and saved a predefined report.

For basic features of FreeWebReport / Report creation, I have also published another simple video.

Have Fun !


Vanilla 2.2

Dear Readers,

We finally released last week Vanilla 2.2, available for download at our Web Site :

One of the grestest feature of Vanilla 2.2 is our new version of FreeDashboard, which has now an interface¬† “Birt alike”, always based on FreeMetadata datasource (or jdbc datasource for those who want to use Fdv2 outside of Vanilla scope).

Fdv2 has a dual mode “design” and “preview” (thanks to Intalio Jetty), no need anymore to publish Dashboard on portail to preview the result.

Last but not least, Fdv2 is “multi dimensional aware”, meaning a simple dimensions can be used to generate as many dashboard folder as there are members in the dimension, with according dataset filters … “Bi platform” means “integration between components & concepts” … not only bundling softwares …

Just take 7 minutes to discover the first  video of FreeDashboard :

Have Fun !