Vanilla 1.50 is available

Dear Readers,

Version 1.50 of Open Source Business Intelligence Platform Vanilla is available at :
MySQL version is available :
– documentation for installation :
– prerequisite :
– Post Installation :

Vanilla 1.50
This major version contains news and enhancements :
– Enhanced Workflow Designer, with support for Orbeon Xform interface, Bursting for Reports, Pools of process per groups ..
– Performances enhancement for BIRT/FreeMetadata PlugIn
– Pregeneration for Reports & Dashboards (using Enterprise Services) to ensure constant response time for end users
– Support of multi join between Schema in FreeMetadata & enhancement of alternate join strategy in “business packages”
– Support for new types of graphic with FreeDashboard (OpenFlashChart, FusionChart)
– Orbeon (Xforms) support to create advanced interfaces (to validate process or to enter datas)
– Various new functions such as multi version for each BI document, using CheckIn / CheckOut features from development studios
– New configuration package to manage & configure Vanilla instances (local or remote) : “Vanilla Configurator”
– New functions available in “Enterprise Service” : variables management, SaaS server management, versionning for BI documents …
– Update of BiLauncher package
– New Business Activity Monitoring interface available in portal to manage user activities & Bi documents workload
– Vanilla Derby package “unzip & Run” (no HSQL version anymore) :
– Web interfaces available in French, English and Spanish
– Multiple database support for Vanilla repository (Oracle, MySQL, PostGreSQL, Derby, DB2, SQL Server)
– vairous enhancements in FreeWebReport & FreeAnalysis : new graphs & reports presentation
– “Home page” is now more easy to customise

Vanilla User presentation is available at :
Vanilla Developer presentation is available at : BPM_Vanilla_Presentation_Developer_150_EN.pdf
Installation documentation, Getting Started Guides and Migration documents from Vanilla 1.3x & Vanilla 1.4x are also available

For each package, a “whatnwew.txt” document is available at root of package

Have Fun,