Reporting with Vanilla (part 2)

Dear Readers,

Reporting is always a key subject in BI projects. With Vanilla, we have introduced this year the first comprehensive Metadata+Reporting package, available in Open Source at no cost (I make the difference between source availability and cost of package …  please, I like JS … but Metadata+Reporting is only available in JS Pro … which is not  “Open Source No Cost” package)

With Metadata + Reporting, we can address, as explained in part 1 of this post, secured reporting projects. Along with connection against any Ldap server to validate user/pwd (CAS compatibility), SSO support & WebServices remote call to run reports, you can deploy secured reports within minutes on any legacy Web portal (Forget painfull security settings you have to set in xml documents published on portal to secure your report … this is difficult to maintain, and impossibile to document).

In a recent project, we have noticed that the customer has launched its Vanilla reporting project … without using any Metadata. SImply because in was a simple project to make legacy reports available on a portal. It surprised me, but it’s right : no need for Metadata if you want to develop & deploy fast, and have no time for Metadata design. This precision is important : Vanilla can run any kind of reports (IReport & Birt) without Metadata (sorry for those who recently claims the opposite … you’d better kept silence !).

This Vanilla customer is so pleased with Vanilla, that he posted some nice comments on differents blogs. Thanks for this … we all appreciate nice comments (and even bad comments, if they are honest … ). This customer is now trying to replace a commercial reporting package deployed in a commercial department, and I was delighted by his mail yesterday : commercial reports that takes 4 to 5 hours to run, and same report with Vanilla/BIRT takes only3 minutes  ! Wow … yes … I didn’t told you about this : we have optimised Birt engine with Vanilla 1.4x serie …  I’ll write another post on this subject later …

Have Fun !