Reporting with Vanilla (part 1)

Dear Readers,

In many BI Projects, reporting (along with Dashboard) is a central subject, and reporting tools have to be flexible and powerfull. BIRT and IReport are the 2 clear leaders in the Open Source area to design reports, but in large deployment, nobody will use direct SQL statment as datasource … every BI consultant will look for a metadata component to create & design secured business views.

We recently launched a Reporting Edition for Vanilla BI Platform that leverage IReport & BIRT as standard Open Source Interface to design your reports, using optionnaly FreeMetadata as secured datasource. Vanilla BI Platform provide the comprehensive & secured reporting environment (BI featured portail), that provide all the functions expected (admin tools, deployment interface) while deploying a reporting application.

In Vanilla, FreeMetadata is the piece used to create an abstraction layer between database and report designer. Using FreeMetadata, you can design business views that hide the complexity of your database, setup a new security strategy based on functional groups, design alternative join schema … and finally  use the reporting editor of your choice to create a secured report  … at no cost … Using Vanilla reporting (FreeMetadata) is a must in case you have requirement for using both IReport & BIRT

Bellow some screenshots of the modules, that shows how easy & clean  the integration is :

Integration with BIRT

FreeMetadata as a datasource in BIRT

FreeMetadata as datasource from BIRT

Deploying Birt report from BIRT into Vanilla

Deploying BIRT Report on Vanilla

Deploying BIRT Report on Vanilla

Integration with IReport

Integration with IReport requires IReport 3.0. It’s sad that starting with IReport 3.10, the commercial editor has removed the “Plugin” folder …

FreeMetadata as datasource in IReport

FreeMetadata as datasource in IReport

FreeMetadata as datasource in IReport

Secured Reports runing from Vanilla BI Portal

With Vanilla, you deploy & run your report in one click … no more complex additional operation to secure & deploy your report outside of the reporting environment.

Report from Vanilla

Report from Vanilla

Have Fun !



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