Talking about FreeMetadata

Dear Readers,

I would like to focus on some of the advanced features of FreeMetadata, our central component that manage our secured business data approach of BI applications.

FreeMetadata is central in Vanilla, and is used as a datasource in following components :

  • FreeWebReport (Web Ad-hoc), BIRT and IReport (Report Engines)
  • FreeAnalysis Schema Designer (Olap Designer)
  • FreeDashboard (Dashboard Designer)
  • BI Profiler (Data Profiling & Quality)

Using FreeMetadata is a guaranty that you won’t have to design & maintain again time-consuming objects such as datasource, relation between tables, security, naming on objects …. each time you want to use another design package (olap, report, dashboard … when they are available).

FreeMetadata stores document in XML format and is provided with a toolkit to automate design task (new table, table structure modification) or security update (new group, new security policy).

Using FreeMetadata, you are no longer limited in terms of reporting engine (choose IReport or BIRT and switch at your convenience), no longer limited with the quality of the interface.

In addition to standard basics functionsand concepts¬† (mapping of physical table into business folder, creation of business model & business packages, creation of simple calculation, multi language support, colum behaviour (measure, dimension), security at row level …), you can find advanced functions such as :

  • support for Olap data source : FreeMetadata is not limited to SQL datasource, allowing designer to use FreeMetadata/Olap to draw professional reports
  • alternate datasource support : You can define many datasource as “candidate” to be used while running your report, which allow you to run your report against a dev database or production database using a simple “switch”
  • column content is secured : in addition to column access, we have a mthod to secure column content (display content or not), based on group security
  • Query Builder Package : to test your package before publication on Vanilla repository, tests can be run using any profile and against every declared database

Please Take some minutes to download FreeMetadata, as a key component of the Vanilla Platform

Have Fun !