10 reasons to launch Vanilla BI Platfom

Dear Redears,

While launching Vanilla 1.31 this week, I just think about the reasons we had to launch the Vanilla project mid-07, please find bellow some of those reasons :

1) to be in position to answer to customer’s request and provide customer with the tools they are looking for. This is the No 1 reason, and an everyday position : we are listening to our customers & partners, and are providing the solution they were looking for. Honestly, it was not possible before …

2) because European developer have interesting IT level, we proove it every day … sorry for those who think we can’t achieve a succeefull platform, you find valuable resources in Europe, as you can find also valuable resources in US or in Asia.

3) because everyone told us it’s not possible … well, this is a stupid reason, but I’ve heard this remark so many times. I send my “best wishes” to some peple who officially decided not to use Vanilla because it was a french product or because we didn’t raised funds. We understand it can upset some people to notice that without raising funds, we achieved on time the development of an Open Source BI platform, as opposed to our challengers, which raised millions of USD to promote their product.

4) to have fun in our daily job … well, trying to deploy an american marketing solution was not a must. I don’t think we have fun every day … but globally, situation is more in our hands & mind

5) to write this post … I’m not certain some people will appreciate this post …

6) to read Kris’s comments (private joke for a stupid dishonest man … see www.osbi.fr) … reaction from people from Pxxxxxx is so stupid … please MC and DN : just ignore us as you did, we understand your time is valuable and you have a lot to do …

7) to be certain not to be listed in Gartner’s annuel Quadrant (see Talend comment on Gartner) or my post on decideo. Honestly, people from Gartner … please, last year you missed the Big Crunch in commercial BI and you wrote Open Source BI was not mature enough … how can you put under silence platform such as Talend and Vanilla ?

8 to read answer to Talend post from Gartner analyst … Is this man really aware of what he wrote ? are we leaving in the same world ? For those who just read this just, please note that Pentaho and JasperSoft – 2 american companies – entered Magic Quandrant just 1 year after the launched their solution …

For Yves – to be direct  : to be in an Analyst study, it’s very easy : you just have to pay ! Either direct analysts study cost (!!!), or cross marketing … another wellknown analysis firm (not Gartner) just ask us 26K USD to have Vanilla in their “visionar” list

9) to explain the difference between beeing agressive and upset … but some people are too narrow minded to understand

10) to read your comment on this post … and write another 10 additional reasons

Have Fun !