Coming back to Products

Dear Readers

It’s been a while since I didn’t communicate on our products. Reason was simple : we’ve worked hard to create new innovative & reliable components and I didn’t want to put additional pressure on shoulder of my CTO during this period. There isĀ  a time to imagine, a time to develop, a time to test and make documentation, and a time to publish the new components. And we are just about to enter this new period of making our new components available for the community.

We keep in mind that most of potential users are not open Source promoters, but they are just looking for free reliable software to help them in their daily job. Knowing this, we took additional time – with some limited partners – to develop and test those components. No vaporware : products will be ready & packaged.

Metadata, Web BI Portal, Web Dashboarding, Web Reporting, Enterprise Management, Web Olap Schema Designer are some of the new components that will be available in septembre. Yes … summer was busy, this is even not a question !

To start the presentation of a new product, just browse the blog of Charles Martin, one of our developer who develop a new component : FreeAnalysis 4 Excel, which is a simple Excel Addin that allow you to connect against any kind of olap databaseĀ  (Microsoft, Hyperion) or olap driver (Mondrian) from Excel. Sorry in advance : as date of this writting, Charles new post may bring some frustration, as Charles introduce new component such as FreeMetadata … you will have to wait another couple of day to get access to a packaged component.

Have Fun !