A review of FreeDashBoard Web

Dear Readers,

Another visual post with some simple screenshots of our first FreeDashBoard Web Designer interface. FreeDashBoard Web Designer is the first Web Open Source Studio to design and deploy your DashBoards. This new package – available for immediate download – contains almost all the features available in FreeDashBoard Designer, our java package. Both package can work and share the same DashBoard using objects stored in our repository, which is usefull for maintenance tasks and team development.

FreeDashBoard Web is built on top of GWT Framework and make usage of GWT-Ext 2.0 extensions.

List of DashBoards
FreeDashBoard Web - list of DashBoards

“Pentaho compliant” Dashboard running from our Web interface

“Pentaho compliant” DashBoard

Web DashBoard Designer : step 1 / 3 – Template selection

FreeDashBoard Web Designer Step 1/4

Web DashBoard Designer : step 2 / 3 – DashBoard Design

FreeDashBoard Web Designer Step 2/4

Web DashBoard Designer : step 3 / 3 – Preview & Saving

FreeDashBoard Web Designer Step 3/4

FreeDashBoard Web Result

FreeDashBoard Web Designer Step 4/4

Have Fun !



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