A review of FreeAnalysis Web

Dear Readers,

Just some simple screenshots of our new FreeAnalysis Web interface. We delivered this new package (along with significant enhancements in Schema Designer such as Aggregate Table Wizard or Dimension viewer in SVG format) last week, and we get strong & good feedback from the community.

Freeanalysis Web is based on 2 keys components : GWT Framework and FreeOlap API. GWT – thanks to Google – allows us to standardize our Web 2.0 interface for all packages. FreeOlap API has something nice : its available and its running well (compare to another announced API we used to wait for months now).

We’ve recently seen that JPalo has also delivered their own Olap API (and we had some discussion with those people), meaning that the 2 major platforms have built their own API to delivere their new professional Web interface.

New Connection interface to choose your schema & cube

FreeAnalysis connection interface

Dimensions explorer & manipulation

FreeAnalysis Dimensions Explorer

Graphical Explorer

FreeAnalysis Graphical Interface

Views management

FreeAnalysis Views Management

Have Fun !


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