FreeDashBoard I18N package

Dear Readers,

Until recently, some of our java development studio were not fully I18N compliant. We did a great job – thanks to Ansy – in February to have all the packages now I18N compliant, and we are now adding new languages in our distribution. There are still some key missing, and we know the road is long before having fixed all the small part of text that can stay untranslated in some hidden message box.

We had a great surprise last week : we received an Hindi translation (thanks to Joe) of FreeDashBoard Designer (see bellow). 3 languages (French, english and Hindi) is low compare to the number of languages provided in Kettle by the community (I really like the last print screen of Japanese Kettle provided by Matt on his blog !), but this is just a beginning.

Hindi interface for FreeDashBoard

FreeDashBoard Hindi interface

Have Fun !


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