FreeDashBoard & GWT

Dear Readers,

One of our developer just sent me some news of our new FreeDashBoard Web Wizard (see print screen bellow). In fact, GWT keeps its promises : we have a nice & easy Web 2.0 interface, something “user friendly” (and this is the most important).

We forecast to delivere this package within 2 or 3 weeks, after running basic tests and writting some documentation, but as date of this writting, we are very close to have the first Open Source Web DashBoard Designer package, and we are really proud of this !

GWT seems to be one og the most important decision we have made in terms of technology, I’ll come back to you later on this subject to explain in detail all the different subjects we covered using Google Web Toolkit. I hope this print screen will encourage you to choose FreeDashBoard as your de facto DashBoard platform and wait until Web package will be available.

FreeDashBoard Web Designer

Have Fun !


4 Responses

  1. Looks great. Was this built using GWT-Ext or native GWT widgets

  2. Hello,
    This is built using extension GWT-Ext 2.01 along with our internal framework/set of widgets,

  3. Congrats Patrick 🙂 The application seems great, i’m so glad you joined the GWT community !

  4. Thanks Stéphane,

    … well … you know my role … I’m not exactly ‘part of the GWT community’ (I don’t feel I am), as I’m not developping anymore …


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