Developer Adoption & Community

Dear Readers,

Saving times and providing wizards are key subjects that makes the life of developer better. We had numerous nice feedbacks with FreeAnalysis Schema Designer and FreeDashBoard Designer : those packages are user friendly and provide many features to help developers in their daily job. And we are happy with those feedbacks from the community, that encourage us to go further and faster.

At the beginning, most of those developers were using Pentaho platform, and had heavy requierement for better design tools. Finally, they came to us to get our Design Studios that generate 100% Pentaho compliant documents. But as time goes by, we can see more and more developers not using Pentaho platform, and having important self-running Olap or DashBoard projects.

Some decision-maker always tell that Open Source package are too technical, not enough user friendly (for both users and developers). We have addressed this subject and supply the right answer to those people : our package get strong recognition and rapid adoption from the developer community.

Today, we released FreeDashboard Designer 0.36, which contains a new wizard to generate FusionChart graph. This kind of component will get the immediate adoption from users, then validate the job of the DashBoard developer. We want to go further, and we will also embed Chronoscope chart engine in an upcoming release.
Next version of FreeAnalysis Schema Designer will ease the process of aggregate tables. I’m certain – with our new wizard – nobody will suffer anymore when addressing the aggregate subject. Idea behind is to facilitate the adoption of Olap technology at Enterprise level.

If you have any idea or feature request in the Olap or DashBoard areas, don’t hesitate to tell it to me, and I can promise that we will evaluate it !

Have Fun,


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