FreeDashBoard, new Features and new supported Components

Dear Readers,

We are just about to release version 1.00 RC2 of the FreeDashBoard platform, and there are so much to tell on this subject. First of all, I would like to thank the numerous developers who send us their so-good feedback on the package.

In fact, a Dashboard (JSP technology) without any open xml storage was hard to build and difficult to maintain. With FreeDashBoard, you can develop a Dashboard in an couple of hours, instead of many days before … and I am the real tester, as I don’t have any JSP knowledge and I’m abble to build my own DashBoards using FreeDashBoard Designer …

New version of FreeDashBoard contains key features :

  • Native support for new component : JasperReport, Birt Report and FusionChart (FusionChart representation are really a must when dealing with DashBoards)
  • New features such as duplication of BI Documents, export of dictionary, PDF and XML documentation, I18N compliance (French and English version available)
  • Multi folders DashBoard management that generate complex Web DashBoard …this is a so efficient function that generate a subset of JSP pages
  • New publish option to flip row/column layout (could be easy if you have to switch your layout)

Sample 1 : from the development studio – multi chart engines support (JFreeChart and Fusion Chart)

FreeDasboard Development Studio

Sample 2 : Web Dashboard result

FreeDasboard Web Result

Sample 3 : Multi Folders DashBoard

FreeDashBoard - Multi Tabulation

Have Fun,


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