New FreeAnalysis Web – Preview based on GWT

Dear Readers,

Good technologies have to rely on strong technologies. And there are some new releases of software that automatically turn the previous version into a “so old version”. This is exactly what happened to me today when I received first screen shots of FreeAnalysis Web, GWT version (see bellow). 2 months ago, we took some risks, by stopping the heavy and costly development of FreeAnalysisWeb, Dojo version, to start a new development based on GWT.

Development using Dojo framework was hard to maintain, and it requiered java and javascript knowledge. Thanks to GWT, this is now “the past”.

There are so many new things in this preview of FreeAnalysis : it’s based on the FreeOlap API (thanks to Emmanuel), it is I18N compliant, we have used our experience from the first “dojo” web interface to enhanced the usability … and the result is there : when I received this screen shot (thanks to Gaël), I simply asked : “is this java or Web interface” …

First public release is forecast in 2 or 3 weeks, with the 1.1 release of the full platform … stay connected !

New login interface

FreeAnalysis Login
new User interface

FreeAnalysis User Web Interface

Have Fun !



3 Responses

  1. hey, really like your blog… do you have by chance any freeanalysis tutorials or help?
    looking forward to your ersponse 🙂

  2. Thanks !

    In Fact, if you have registered to the FreeAnalysis mailing list (send mail to, you will received an URL with access to some documentation.

    Version 1.1 coming this month will contain an update of documentation. Supported customers have access to more material, using our support service Website


  3. nice article, i have a question that can i embed the freeanalysis in my web apllication.

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