FreeMetrics – Geolocalisation Feature

Dear Readers,

I have always been impressed by presentation such as Pentaho / GoogleMap integration, not from a technical side, but from a user perspective : this is usefull for any user to see results on a map.

First time I’ve seen this kind of representation, it was a Cognos KPI Web interface (an historical version, before cognos moved to Metrics Manager) where it was possible to highlight some points on a map using color (green, orange, yellow or red) based on the metrics value. It was 7 years ago, an ‘IT century ago’. Cognos KPI had a nice repository to manage various metrics and theirs properties. But it was so difficult to move from the demo : no SVG editor to assign metrics on a map, no real standard to send data to any map engine …

Coming back in 2007, Pentaho introduced an Ajax framework to provide smoother methods to draw ‘map interface’. But Pentaho do not provide any smooth mechanism or database to manage metrics. All the “metrics like” displayed on a map are coming from any SQL statment or xaction dataflow. This is powerfull for a single map presentation, but difficult to maintain at the enterprise level.

Finally, the FreeMetrics project is now merging the best of both world : using our proven Open Source database structure that manage metrics and their properties, we added some key components

– FreeMetrics is now “dimension aware”, meaning you can define dimensions and members in a specific repository

– FreeMetrics provide a “dimension wizard” to generate metrics based on the cartesian product between dimension members and external metrics definition. Really helpfull to manage “dimensional metrics”

– Each object : Metrics and Dimension Members can be geolocalised meaning we can link each object to an address table that contain geolocalisation informations

– Finally, we have delivered a “map” object (currently a GoogleMap interface) to display any metrics values for a set of dimension’s members, or all the metrics for a specific dimension member.

With this new objects, it becomes easy to link data and map, for any kind of representation or subject, and not only for metrics management. All is not perfect, and the package is not yet ready to be published (should be available in a couple of weeks). Alain and Jean-Noël are working on this topic, and I’m certain it will help anyone who want to have an easy to use interface to publish geolocalized data (see image bellow : FreeMetrics/GoogleMap integration)

FreeMetrics Google Map integration

Have Fun !


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