SpagoBI choose FreeAnalysis as its Olap Platform

Dear Readers,

SpagoBI project has decided to embed FreeAnalysis in their next release of the Open Source BI Platform. This is an important recognition for all the work we have done other the past 2 years to ease the development and deploiment of Olap cubes. Thanks to Grazia Cazzin, SpagoBI project manager, the cooperation between the 2 dev’s team will soon provide this nice result. Thansk also to allthe Freeanalysis Dev’s Team, and especially Emmanuel, Ludovic and Gaël.

Well, we have waited a long time for Pentaho to take the same decision, but it seems SpagoBI want to invest more and faster on the Olap area. Strange configuration where Pentaho developers are still using Cube Designer / JPivot to design and deploy their olap views. Confusing situation also.

Along with this announcement, we have released FreeAnalysis Schema Designer 0.62 that contains a new Wizard to create and generate aggregate tables to improve the manipulation of Mondrian cubes. What else ? … more to come, but you will have to come back later …

Have Fun !


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