FreeDashBoard : setting new standards

Dear Readers,

FreeDashBoard gets strong recognation from the community, for at least one simple reason : it makes the Dashboard development and maintenance process easier, then it turns stressfull developers into happy developers !

In fact, in itself, the FreeDashboard platform started some month ago with only a Designer, which can be understood as a simple “BI JSP generator”. But it is more than this, because dashboard content is defined outside of technology and concepts, in an open XML format handled by an open source API.

We want now to go faster and further with this platform, in order to facilitate the migration of commercial Dashboard, sich as BOBJ Dashboards. Then, it came to a point where we started working with our Australian partner Biscubed (Zach) to define an extensible standard to describe how different BI providers can interact in a common Dashboard.

First specification of this standard is about to be released, and we are expected to create a new landscape for some new BI Dashboard products. This is an uncommon but so interesting subject and we are waiting for any experienced contributor to add his own view and approach on this subject.

In addition, usefull situation is that we will make FreeDashBoard compliant with the specification (this is my subject), so that initial users will have at their disposal both : specification and compliant implementation, as opposed to other long running specification that still have no implementation, then no easy way to validate its content.

Have Fun !