Closing Roadmaps

Dear Readers,

Well, I’m trying to close roadmaps for our 3 platforms, in cooperation with Alain, our CTO. What a challenge to try to design products and their features taking in consideration that platforms can be used separatly or bundled. We have also to design each time Open Source and commercial features, and make this choice consistent across platforms and easy to understand (for user) / easy to develop (for developer). Last subject to think about : deployment with bundled products, such as Liferay (finally, we decided to put the integration with Liferay in the commercial offer for all platforms).

After some interesting discussions internally and with other editors, it appears that target is to keep 100% of product code ‘Open Source’, and to provide additional administrative components to facilitate scalable deployment and platform administration in large enterprise. This is an interesting position, because it reduces the test period (we have only one product to validate) and developers won’t have to manage different branchs of code. And we have still numerous features to put in administrative components.

Once big pictures will be available (which is not yet the case), and everyone agree with the content of Roadmaps (other funny subject), we will have to put resources and delay in front of features and development subjects.

… now you know why I’m late on roadmap delivery …

Have Fun !



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