Next Level : FreeDashboard Embeded into LifeRay

Dear Readers,

We did it ! We have embeded a FreeDashboard document (both static and dynamic) into Liferay ! And its running well.

We are now in position to offer a Dashboard service that put together Pentaho xaction (basically reports and charts), FreeMetrics Alerts, FreeMetrics KPIs, FreeAnalysis Olap reports and any kind of label / picture / text into a consistent FreeDashboard document, with dynamic filter on top of it. This document can then be managed using Liferay document management services (PDF management, workflow of publication …)

All in one, you can now take benefit of the top features of each platform and provide any kind of layout to publish your results, then design high quality content to be published against your Liferay portail. Just think of this : for those of you who know Liferay ease of use and powerfull features, having a BI system embeded into Liferay, especially a Dashboard Management System, is the best things that could have happen to both world : BI and portails.

FreeDashboard document embeded into Liferay

Stay connected, this is just the beginning …

Have Fun !


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