Going beyond Analysts position

Dear Readers,

It is said that software analysts are like market study : this is a mandatory step, but you can’t expect to do something with their result. Well, other the past few weeks, I tried to get in contact with “established” and “recognized” market study companies to have our platforms referenced in their “list of products’.

That said, let me tell you some return we get from discussion with those people (I will keep the name of those companies for myself, but I’m certain you know most of them) :

“It will cost you 26 K USD to be listed in our product review. This amount represent the time we have to invest to study your product” (note from your writer : we have 3 products … we’d rather invest this amount in development and promotion !)

“We are willing to collaborate with you, but we have to inform you that we have marketing cost to share with you to promote your product (note from your writer : the more we are participating to the analyst’s marketing budget, the better we should be listed in their analysis)

“In order to study your product, we ask you to train our consultant for free” (note from your writer : we are selling training session …)

“we are happy with the information you gave us and we thank you a lot for this. Now, if you want to have access to the result of the study, and see how your product is ranke, we have to inform you that the analysis will cost you 12 K USD” (note from your writer : we answer the analyst’s survey, and now we have to pay to see our answers)

… and much more. Unbelievable !

Let me summarize the situation : those analysts are asking money or free services in order to study and reference our products. In other words, they are looking for blind people to pay to get a nice comment in their analysis ? And at the end, they are selling their analysis to decision makers. We never talked about the product’s feature and I’m certain most of those companies have never made any effort to even download our products. So, how to considere the value of those analysis if referenced companies have to pay to be listed in it ? Can we always talk of ‘independant analysis’ ?

Did those “analysts” forecast the recent buying of Cognos and Business Objects ? No !

How to be seen ‘independant’ and ‘reliable’ in those conditions ? : there are plenty of market study companies, we have to believe the market itself will select the best one.

On the other side, how to be listed in those analysis if we refuse to pay to get listed ? Answer can only comes from the communit : the more people will use our platform, the more some analysts will have some pressure to look at the market reality. In addition, with the recent merger, some products and/or companies won’t renew their subscribtion to the ‘independant analysis’, which will force those people to review their business model

During that time, we are still looking to see our platform listed in one study … knowing that most of IT decision are using those studies to secure their own choice … funny world !

Have Fun,



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