Some News of FreeMetrics

Dear Readers,

It’s been a while since I didn’t gave you some news of the FreeMetrics platform ! Well, we didn’t advertise this platform a lot, as Balanced & Business ScoreCarding is not a common request when addressing BI Subjects, but it remains a “must to have”, and sometimes a mandatory piece of software when addressing migration projects, especially projects that manage KPI or any Alert system. But this is true : we have focused our resources on FreeAnalysis and FreeDashboard, with significant success over the last past weeks.

FreeMetrics continue to gain recognition from the community and customers, and we have added many new features in the platform, including a new “loader” package, dimensional-aware KPI, many new properties for each objects to allow statistical classifications, and better integration with our FreeMetadataServices platform (which manage dimension, measures, data suppliers and data consumer, dataprovider and metadata definition outside of specific platform).

In parallel, we have also started to rewrite the Web user interface using GWT Toolkit, with also some interesting success in terms of development cycle, stability, performance and Look & Feel forthe interface (see bellow).

FreeMetrics Web GWT interface

We are now targetting FreeMetrics 1.1 platform to be available by the end of january. This is also a challenge for us, and this 1.1 release will be an important step before the integration of the platform on top of our new repository component (I’ll write later on this subject)

Have Fun !


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