FreeAnalysis : Going ‘GA’

Dear Readers,

We finally released FreeAnalysis 1.0 GA, providing a reliable Designer, user friendly java and Web client, and tight integration with the Pentaho platform. All is not perfect, and we have to improve documentation process, to move away from Dojo (we have started to rewrite the Web 2.0 interface using GWT), and to clean some internal process.

New 1.1 branch of development has already started, including many key features, such as palo connectivity for client, more function in the java client, such as spreadsheet functions, integration with a scheduler to process molap cube refresh, repository compliance (JSR170), tight integration with FreeDashboard, …

Using FreeAnalysis platform, you can think to migrate from both molap or rolap products into an Open Source Platform based on the best of bread technology (Pentaho, Liferay, Mondrian). Just think about the current cost of your olap installation and the money you can save moving to FreeAnalysis … now for the same functional features !

Have Fun,


2 Responses

  1. How do I download 1.0 GA for trying out.

  2. Hello,
    Do get access to FreeAnalysis platform (binaries, sources code, basic documentation), simply send a mail to

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