Migration Year

Dear Readers,

I have received last week a marketing mail from Microstrategy that contains information to enter into migration process for customers who have Cognos or Business Objects licences. Great marketing idea from Microstrategy, because nobody can forecast what will happen in terms of product’s strategy for Cognos & BO. Microstrategy offers migration licences at low cost (we all know that software delivery cost is now free), in order to reenforce its new positon of “first independant BI vendor”.

In the Open Source area, we had the same position 6 months ago, in offering both : software at low cost and migration toolkit utilities to help Cognos & BO users to save some of their development investment, and we had some interesting success, especially with the migration toolkit. Open Source BI vendors have consistent and reliable pieces of software that can compete against commercial offers. Talend has also the same kind of offer for the ETL market, and I’m certain they have some nice success.

Recent buying of BI vendors has definitly changed the BI market : if a customer has to launch a BI project today, will he be in position to choose Cognos, BO or Hyperion/Brio ? I don’t think so, and in a short period of time, new BI leaders will emerge. It will have collateral impacts in many areas : training, exposition, resources, OEM agreement …

I will be at LinuxExpo in Paris in january and talk about our migration strategy. LinuxExpo is an important moment of the year, it will give some input and trend to the Open Source market.

’08’ is definitly the year to think about your BI strategy, and to address a migration strategy with a reliable partner. We all know that processes and decisions take time … I’m not certain there will be thousant of migration projects in ’08’, but rather in ’09.

Have Fun,


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