FreeDashBoard Milestone 2 available

Dear FreeDashBoard Fans !

We have workded hard to have Milestone 2 is available on time. Over the last 2 weeks, since Milestone 1 availability, we have received so many good messages talking about the interest of the product, and how easy it was to build a Pentaho Dashboard using our Designer. We are so happy to have provided this new component to the Pentaho community.

FreeDashboard Designer, our Studio to design Dashboard, is available in version 0.23, and contains many new features :

  • First important thing : we moved our download server … now, you should have more convenient download response time
  • Generated Dashboard are now Internet Explorer compliant
  • We have 2 separated packages : Pentaho Platform and FreeDashboard Designer, which will allow us to make fast update on Designer only
  • We provide an installer for the DashBoard Designer package
  • You can now set your own CSS on each Dashboard
  • We have enhanced the “BI Objects” Wizard whith many new features and components (see screen)

FreeDashbard BI Objects Wizard

To get information on how to download FreeDashboard, simply send a mail to :

Now, its time for developers to take some holidays. But before this, we will release our first “General Availability” for FreeAnalysis Platform. As date of this writting, we are packaging, writting documentation … making the things easier for users !

January will be also very exciting, with the preview release of our FreeDashBoard Web interface … don’t miss i, it’s coming soon !

Have Fun !