Bali is a defeat for the community

Dear Readers,

Most of you know that I’m working in software, and especially in data management, data qualification, what is called “business intelligence”. BI has emerged because of the high volume of data stored in large database … at the beginning, users had a need for simple reporting tools, then for strong olap engine, and we are now close to datamining democratization.

But what is the interest of storing large amount of data ? Is this only to be abble to buy expensive BI platform ? This brings me back in 1993 : at that time, I was in a conference where someone told us : “we are building large database to give those data to our children and to the next generation” … what is the interest ? No one will care about those data if we can’t even leave in peace, in a safe world. Remember that the Peace Nobel Price was attributed to Mr Gore, for his investment and action in trying to change mentalities, especially in United States. All is linked in a global world : peace, nature, community, resources.

Bali conference is out. America, Canada and others have saved their own interests. They have not saved the world. One of my friend – Christian De Fouloy – an american citizen based in Belgium, former president of the Republican in Europe and founder of Eulobby-network, is now 100% engaged in actions with the European parlement to try to save the world. This start by understanding that we have to share resources worldwide, protect forests and natural resources. This is a big move in our capitalistic mentality, a change not accessible for most of rich people as date of this writting.

Have Fun !


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