FreeDashboard : We’ve done it !

Dear futur FreeDashboard Fan !

We have finally released FreeDashboard 1.0 Milestone 1, and we are proud of it ! This is a 8 months project, including 3 months of intensive development – 2 developers ! The result is so usefull for your future BI implementation, even if there is still so much to do. FreeDahsboard stands as the first piece of a new generation of BI platform, beyond Open Source BI Reporting.

Now users want to have more than reporting, but in the Open Source area, there are still some missing pieces : everyone wants Dashboard, and luckilly, Pentaho has released a Dashboard technology. But who was abble to develop JSP Dashboards : only JSP developers … and JSP developers are not always BI consultants …

FreeDashboard Designer is the first component of our future Dashboard platform (will be embeded into LifeRay portail, bundle with FreeAnalysis server). It allows the development of Pentaho Dashboard without any knowledge of JSP development, and provide an IDE to develop and maintain Dashboard definition in XML format. Packages and source code are now available.

Those who have ever released a first version of a package can understand what we have leaved other the last 2 weeks : tests, documentation, stress, pleasure, packing stuff, stress again … and finally a first functional package ! … and now more workload, because we will provide support to the comunity and work in parallel on MileStone 2 … I hope some of you will post some nice comment on our FreeDashboard component … but most important : we hope this project will receive strong recognition from the Open Source comunity !

To have information on how to download FreeDashboard, simply go to our Web site :

Have Fun,



2 Responses

  1. Sounds great.
    When will be the liferay bundle available?

  2. Hello Juan,

    FreeDashboard Designer is a java application that create Pentaho JSP Dashboards. As date of this writting, there is no liferay bundle, because we did not yet release our Dashboard server yet.

    Once we will release our Dashboard server, we will bundle it with a Liferay distribution, Iframe or Portlet. This is forecast to be available in T1/2008


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