Good News : We are late !

Dear Readers,

We originally forecasted to delivere new versions of our Platforms FreeAnalysis and FreeDashboard by the end of november 2007. Well … we are late … again ! But this comes along with good news :

– FreeAnalysis (especially Designer and Java client) have so many new features (we cover now 100% of Mondrian’s properties), and our new API (coming soon after the 1.0 GA release) has already entered a test period, coming along with some key features such as Palo connectivity support (see screenshot), more stable and flexible code (complete rewrite of the API). Key subject is the Web interface … but we are pretty confident on this subject, everyone will be surprised ! Today, we issued a Release Candidate 4, and we forecast to go in GA by mid-december. I’d like to thank all the early testers (RC1, RC2 and RC3) : your tests were sol helpfull, everyone can imagine the workload we have covered all together … and this is just the beginning.

Palo connectivity

– FreeDashBoard … well : I can develop my own Dashboard and publish it on a Pentaho server ! This is a success. Most of the funny behaviours of the interface have gone, package is stable and usable. But the package itself – FreeDashBoard Designer – needs more documentation, especially on the “building your own bi component” part. We are working on this subject … always expecting to have it available this week … Milestone 1 is just in front of us (ok, with 2 weeks of delay …). Roadmap for new version is also nearly completed – we have large ambitions on this roadmap, always to answer to customer’s requests.

Bellow 2 simples screen shot from our Designer, and the result on a Pentaho server :

DashBoard DesignerDashboard on a Pentaho Server

Our development team is working hard to close ‘nearly on time’ those releases, we are running test drive, writting documentation, packaging, fixing bugs, … this is an exciting period, with some pressure upon our shoulders … we hope you will enjoy playing with our software !

Have Fun !


4 Responses

  1. Est-ce bien grave d’être en retard de qq semaines sur un projet ?
    Je pense que non, toute chose prend du temps, l’important c’est de construire des projets et des outils “solides” et ergonomiques !
    Moi j’ai l’eau à la bouche en voyant les copies d’écrans du FreeDahsboard, et je patienterai pour tester, car pour moi c’est un outil indispensable pour concevoir des tableaux de bords sur la plate-forme Pentaho !

    Je suis certain que le père Noël va avoir du FreeDashboard dans sa hotte 😉

  2. Merci Sylvain,

    Oui, un petit retard, compte tenu de la livraison, ce n’est pas trop important. Là, je downloade une nouvelle version pour des tests, on corrige – on teste – on documente … pour avoir un produit jouable dès ce lundi 10 décembre (donc ce sera Noël avant l’heure)


  3. Hey,

    That was really nice to hear some good news about dashboard form Pentaho.:) Get going ………Chhers…….
    Waiting for the release

  4. Thanks Shyam,
    Finally, we have done it ! Dashboard Designer will be available this monday … first step of a bi project !
    I hope this package will help the comunity, because Dashboard is something required by customers,

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