FreeAnalysis Skills Wanted

Dear Readers,

Running a Google research on ‘freeanalysis’, I recently found companies looking for FreeAnalysis skills ! What a surprise for me, and what a recognation for Ronan, C├ędric, Ludovic, Emmanuel and Alain, who have invested so much of their precious time in developping this wonderfull user-friendly platform. This is also an important success for our company, because we’ve done this platform to help Open Source integrators to push Olap application on customer site.

All the team hopes to see the community moving to FreeAnalysis – the upcoming 1.0 GA release will be an important step to achieve this objective. Part of the development team is currently working on the next release of the FreeDashboard platform … I’ll check regularly to see if Open Source integrators will look for ‘freedashboard’ skills

Have Fun !


FreeDashBoard Milestone 2 available

Dear FreeDashBoard Fans !

We have workded hard to have Milestone 2 is available on time. Over the last 2 weeks, since Milestone 1 availability, we have received so many good messages talking about the interest of the product, and how easy it was to build a Pentaho Dashboard using our Designer. We are so happy to have provided this new component to the Pentaho community.

FreeDashboard Designer, our Studio to design Dashboard, is available in version 0.23, and contains many new features :

  • First important thing : we moved our download server … now, you should have more convenient download response time
  • Generated Dashboard are now Internet Explorer compliant
  • We have 2 separated packages : Pentaho Platform and FreeDashboard Designer, which will allow us to make fast update on Designer only
  • We provide an installer for the DashBoard Designer package
  • You can now set your own CSS on each Dashboard
  • We have enhanced the “BI Objects” Wizard whith many new features and components (see screen)

FreeDashbard BI Objects Wizard

To get information on how to download FreeDashboard, simply send a mail to :

Now, its time for developers to take some holidays. But before this, we will release our first “General Availability” for FreeAnalysis Platform. As date of this writting, we are packaging, writting documentation … making the things easier for users !

January will be also very exciting, with the preview release of our FreeDashBoard Web interface … don’t miss i, it’s coming soon !

Have Fun !


Bali is a defeat for the community

Dear Readers,

Most of you know that I’m working in software, and especially in data management, data qualification, what is called “business intelligence”. BI has emerged because of the high volume of data stored in large database … at the beginning, users had a need for simple reporting tools, then for strong olap engine, and we are now close to datamining democratization.

But what is the interest of storing large amount of data ? Is this only to be abble to buy expensive BI platform ? This brings me back in 1993 : at that time, I was in a conference where someone told us : “we are building large database to give those data to our children and to the next generation” … what is the interest ? No one will care about those data if we can’t even leave in peace, in a safe world. Remember that the Peace Nobel Price was attributed to Mr Gore, for his investment and action in trying to change mentalities, especially in United States. All is linked in a global world : peace, nature, community, resources.

Bali conference is out. America, Canada and others have saved their own interests. They have not saved the world. One of my friend – Christian De Fouloy – an american citizen based in Belgium, former president of the Republican in Europe and founder of Eulobby-network, is now 100% engaged in actions with the European parlement to try to save the world. This start by understanding that we have to share resources worldwide, protect forests and natural resources. This is a big move in our capitalistic mentality, a change not accessible for most of rich people as date of this writting.

Have Fun !


FreeDashboard : We’ve done it !

Dear futur FreeDashboard Fan !

We have finally released FreeDashboard 1.0 Milestone 1, and we are proud of it ! This is a 8 months project, including 3 months of intensive development – 2 developers ! The result is so usefull for your future BI implementation, even if there is still so much to do. FreeDahsboard stands as the first piece of a new generation of BI platform, beyond Open Source BI Reporting.

Now users want to have more than reporting, but in the Open Source area, there are still some missing pieces : everyone wants Dashboard, and luckilly, Pentaho has released a Dashboard technology. But who was abble to develop JSP Dashboards : only JSP developers … and JSP developers are not always BI consultants …

FreeDashboard Designer is the first component of our future Dashboard platform (will be embeded into LifeRay portail, bundle with FreeAnalysis server). It allows the development of Pentaho Dashboard without any knowledge of JSP development, and provide an IDE to develop and maintain Dashboard definition in XML format. Packages and source code are now available.

Those who have ever released a first version of a package can understand what we have leaved other the last 2 weeks : tests, documentation, stress, pleasure, packing stuff, stress again … and finally a first functional package ! … and now more workload, because we will provide support to the comunity and work in parallel on MileStone 2 … I hope some of you will post some nice comment on our FreeDashboard component … but most important : we hope this project will receive strong recognition from the Open Source comunity !

To have information on how to download FreeDashboard, simply go to our Web site :

Have Fun,


Good News : We are late !

Dear Readers,

We originally forecasted to delivere new versions of our Platforms FreeAnalysis and FreeDashboard by the end of november 2007. Well … we are late … again ! But this comes along with good news :

– FreeAnalysis (especially Designer and Java client) have so many new features (we cover now 100% of Mondrian’s properties), and our new API (coming soon after the 1.0 GA release) has already entered a test period, coming along with some key features such as Palo connectivity support (see screenshot), more stable and flexible code (complete rewrite of the API). Key subject is the Web interface … but we are pretty confident on this subject, everyone will be surprised ! Today, we issued a Release Candidate 4, and we forecast to go in GA by mid-december. I’d like to thank all the early testers (RC1, RC2 and RC3) : your tests were sol helpfull, everyone can imagine the workload we have covered all together … and this is just the beginning.

Palo connectivity

– FreeDashBoard … well : I can develop my own Dashboard and publish it on a Pentaho server ! This is a success. Most of the funny behaviours of the interface have gone, package is stable and usable. But the package itself – FreeDashBoard Designer – needs more documentation, especially on the “building your own bi component” part. We are working on this subject … always expecting to have it available this week … Milestone 1 is just in front of us (ok, with 2 weeks of delay …). Roadmap for new version is also nearly completed – we have large ambitions on this roadmap, always to answer to customer’s requests.

Bellow 2 simples screen shot from our Designer, and the result on a Pentaho server :

DashBoard DesignerDashboard on a Pentaho Server

Our development team is working hard to close ‘nearly on time’ those releases, we are running test drive, writting documentation, packaging, fixing bugs, … this is an exciting period, with some pressure upon our shoulders … we hope you will enjoy playing with our software !

Have Fun !